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The I Preprocessor  v.0.3.4

A general purpose framework for quickly build a working website in a typical PHP/MySQL environment. It is targeted at developers, experienced web administrators and anyone unafraid of hacking and using a text

The Scheme Underground Network Package  v.2.0

A set of libraries for doing Net hacking from Scheme/scsh. It includes two servers (ftp and http) and libraries for smtp, HTML, rfc822

TickleText  v.2.3

TickleText is a fast, lightweight text editor written in Tcl/Tk (less than 1000 lines of code!), with many groOvy features for hacking code, taking notes, LaTeX, html,

Emacs bzr for w32  v.24..20120825

This project provides clean, optimized w32 binary builds of the latest Emacs bzr snapshots with image support enabled (except librsvg). It is, however, not *the* official distribution of Emacs. Happy hacking!

The all new Platform Independent Tunnel  v.1.0

Java based tunnel: Logging outgoing HTTP requests Reveals username/passwords/any posted unencrypted form data Can be extended as session hijacker for ethical hacking & implementing corporate surveillance policies Alsoat

Uplink.Net  v.1.0

The first goal of this project is to create a copy of uplink. But the maingoal is to create a multiplayer game of Uplink. This game will also have more possibilities than uplink. But what is uplink? Uplink is a hacking game.

Riot in Emerald city  v.1.0

Cyberpunk third-person 2100. noir RPG thriller using JMonkey. Its going to be mix between Bloodnet, Neuromancer, DeusEx in gameplay, with pieces of Uplink and many other mini-games for dealing with variety of tasks (lockpicking, hacking...)

Darksigns2: Meltdown  v.1.0

The successor of DarkSigns, a console based puzzle centric hacking game. This is a cooperative project by various members of the DarkSigns community. The game will include a more powerful scripting language (including multithreading) and online features.

DreamNet  v.1.0

DreamNet is a Java online multiplayer hacking simulation game, inspired by the commercial game "Uplink".

Genocide Network Framework  v.1.0

Base framework for the Genocide Network. A massively multiplayer hacking simulator, designed and built by its players. Backing up in this game really could save your life!

Pathetic MUD Objective-C  v.1.0

No class, no distinction, no neat code - just me hacking away. A simplistic MUD like application written in Objective-C.

Vane  v.1.0

VANE is a game where people can join through a telnet and work on virtual and abstract computer that is connected with others through a virtual and abstract network. The goal is to achieve money through hacking and other devious activities.

The Lancers  v.1.0

The Lancers is a hacking game similar to hacker evolution. It includes a short tutorial, and then you are launched into a simple intro to story campaign. You are able to create custom levels, but you must learn the code of the game to do so.

Adlib  v.1.0

adlib - ashley's dirty listed-incremental backup. based heavily off flexbackup version 1.2.11-r11, hacking away at my own pleasure. no tape features, no remote, no indexes, nothing but *gnu* tar and compressing only with gzip or bzip2.

Batch Kit  v.1.0

A kit of batch files to help you be anonymous while hacking/cracking. Comes with directions and extras.

XTunnel  v.1.0

XTunnel is a program that allows you to encrypt TCP connections with XOR operator. Main purpose of this project is protecting online games from sniffing, analysing and hacking their weak protocol by using fast, simple encryption.

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